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K-Eyes, designer of original reading glasses

K-Eyes is a French brand since 2004 which designs magnifying glasses (or reading glasses), sunglasses for men and women, baby and child sunglasses. Every year our brand develops new collections of sunglasses, reading glasses for Presbytopia, children's sunglasses and baby sunglasses. The brand's success is based on the sale of stylish eyewear at low prices for all wallets. The online store is quickly becoming a major player on the Internet, selling thousands of eyeglasses throughout the world (Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Africa, New Caledonia...). Buying sunglasses and pre-assembled eyewear has never been so easy and secured on the Internet. K-Eyes reading glasses are also available in many pharmacies and optical shops in France and worldwide :  find out a point of sale near you.

Women's reading glasses

Women's reading glasses, a must-have in your handbag or on your nose. Indeed, K-Eyes magnifying glasses for women combine quality, originality and low price. Enough to seduce, isn't it ? Our models of magnifying glasses are designed with love and in family to please and suit taste and style of each woman. We offer a wide variety of different colors and shapes to match with your outfits. From retro butterfly frames to the timeless round model, find out the entire online collection of K-Eyes readers with colorful and feminine designs. Our reading glasses for women are designed to help women with presbyopia, a common age-related condition that causes a gradual loss of the eye's ability to focus on close-up objects. Our reading glasses come in various styles, shapes, and sizes to cater to different preferences and face shapes.

Men's reading glasses

Men's reading glasses are more than just an accessory. It is a must have for all men over 40 years old. K-Eyes men's magnifying glasses collection combines quality and modernity at a cheap price. Our men's frames are elegant, classic and timeless, but also practical and robust. K-Eyes men's readers are made of BPA-free acrylic lenses that are incredibly strong. These lenses are also treated against scratches and dirt. In addition, most of our frames get flexible temples for better comfort. Reading glasses for men are designed to help men with presbyopia, a common age-related condition that causes a gradual loss of the eye's ability to focus on close-up objects. We propose many different styles, shapes, and sizes of reading glasses for men to choose from.

Baby sunglasses

Baby sunglasses & Kids sunglasses are our flagship products. Designed from 0 to 12 years old, children's sunglasses offer optimal UV protection thanks to its category 3 with polarized lenses. Light and ultra flexible, our baby sunglasses adapt to all facial morphologies without tightening or deforming the head. Find them out in our "Baby sunglasses 0-18 months" section. Available in different cheerful and playful colors, these sunglasses are very light, practical and unbreakable. Children's sunglasses frames are also 100% flexible for longer life and better comfort, and lenses are made of BPA-free cellulose triacetate. Essential to preserve the ocular health of our little ones. 

Spring/Summer 2023 trends in Reading glasses & Sunglasses

The Spring/Summer 2023 trends in Reading glasses & Sunglasses are designed in France by K-EYES® and is like a vintage bomb straight out from the 80s. Are you wondering what the Eyeglasses trends 2023 are ? We offer a collection of the best quality magnifying reading glasses, trendy sunglasses for woman and trendy sunglasses men's that are on the cutting edge of fashion. Discover our oversized or minimalist frames that are both chic and totally retro and that make a statement with style and extravagance. For this Spring/Summer 2023, the collection Disco Dynamite gathers the new sunglasses that fashionable people will wear in 2023. The Sunglasses Trends 2023 are definetely XXL cat eye frames with polarized lenses for a perfect and comfortable vision. Our trendy eyewear frames will suit all face shapes and styles thanks to the mix and match of vintage patterns and vibrant colors. This season is also synonymous with men's magnifying glasses and best women's reading glasses designed to assert and reveal your personality. The K38 model which is feminine with its giant cat eye frame will be perfect for all presbyopic women with round and large faces. It contrasts perfectly with the K37 model, a solid and more discreet pair of men's reading glasses with the original shape of a water drop. The 2023 trends at K-EYES are adorned with patterns and prints that are warm, elegant and singular for an crazy result ! You wondering how to choose the best reading glasses ? K-EYES is among the best brand for reading glasses. If you are looking for the best quality non-prescription reading glasses, you will find at K-EYES top-vision lenses and quality frames. Dare to wear an original 2023 trendy frame while offering you magnifying glasses or sunglasses with the best quality at a low price. We are proud to announce that the Sunglasses Trends 2023 is at K-EYES and will be colorful and original for our greatest pleasure. Intrigued ? Don't wait any longer to discover the new collection of reading glasses and sunglasses. You will surely find out here the best sunglasses to buy in 2023.

Spring/Summer 2023 Kids sunglasses Collection

The Spring/Summer 2023 Kids sunglasses Collection joins the Mini K-EYES® Family. Because there is no age limit to wearing sunglasses, the Design Family has lovingly selected kids glasses to protect the eyes of your babies and toddlers from 0 to 12 years old with style and comfort. This new collection of trendy glasses for toddlers takes on the challenge of follow your children everywhere. A collection thought for the daily life of toddlers, we have designed unbreakable frames so that they are ultra resistant and light, in flexible and recyclable material. Little hands won't be able to break them even if they are twisted in all directions. With category 3 UV400 polarized lenses and CE standards, we want the best quality eyewear to protect their eyes from the sun without darkening too much, our children will still see where they put their feet ! Babies' eyes are fragile and need to be highly protected from ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), which is why it is necessary to protect them. We recommend a pair of stylish toddler glasses in heart-shaped sunglasses for babies or a pair of sunglasses with a mask that wraps around the face like the Fragola model. At K-EYES, we love happy colors and pop shapes, modern or a bit retro, there's always something for everyone and for every style. You'll love the red heart sunglasses for little girls or our best-selling Daisy sunglasses, the flower sunglasses shaped like a daisy. You'll bring joy and color into your life, whether it's the weekend in the park, the next winter vacation in the mountains or the summer by the sea.

Do you need reading glasses ? If you have difficulty seeing up close, the closer you get, the blurrier reading become, so you need to wear a pair of magnifying glasses. Readers will improve your eyesight to read and making small jobs close up easier, while avoiding the discomfort of eye fatigue.

There are several situations to know if it is time to wear magnifying glasses. In particular, you will need to wear reading glasses when you need a lot of light to read. Also, reading glasses will be necessary when your near vision becomes blurred. Another example, you will need to wear reading glasses when you have constant headaches and when you see halos or circles of light appearing around different light sources. But most importantly, wearing magnifying glasses is age-related and becomes essential around the age of 40 and over.

In order to choose reading glasses, you must first define your eyesight. The eyesight is a unit of measurement that determines the necessary prescription with corrective lenses to stop blurred vision. K-Eyes reading glasses are intended for Presbytopia. In the case of presbyopia, lenses are always positive. K-Eyes provide lenses which are centered and aspherical, for more comfort and aesthetics. Thus, you must first determine the eyesight that you precisely need and that will be the most comfortable for you. To do this, you just have to pass an eyesight reading test. Then you will need to define your need. Do you need magnifying glasses to work at the office, or simply to read ? Do you read outside or inside ? Do you need reading glasses for make-up ? Once you have answered one of these questions, you can purchase your readers blindly. Discover our online catalog with more than 500 colorful and original models at low price.

I am presbyopic, what is my eyesight? The eyesight is a positive number usually ranging from +1 to +3.5. It increases progressively according to the power of the lenses. For instance, +1 is the weakest eyesight and +3.5 is the strongest. These values are calculated for a standard reading distance of about 35 cm between the eyes and the object.

In order to determine the eyesight you need, simply take a reading test. Download it and print the test, then try to read the text at a distance about 35 cm. Each text has its own eyesight, and yours will be the one corresponding to the text you will read without any difficulty. Try to always choose the lowest eyesight that is appropriate for you.

Here are a few tips on how to determine your eyesight:

  1. Use your old magnifying glasses or those of a relative when doing a reading test. Note : you will find out the corresponding prescription inside the temples of the eyeglasses.
  2. You will find out your eyesight on your ophthalmological prescription. If your ophthalmologist has prescribed eyeglasses for presbyopia, he or she will have indicated a positive number between +1 and +3.5.

You can also follow the recommendations generally observed by presbyopia specialists:

  • +1 ≃ 40 years old
  • +1.5 ≃ 45 years old
  • +2 ≃ 50 years
  • +2.5 ≃ 55 years old
  • +3 ≃ 60 years old
  • +3.5 ≃ 65 years old